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Windsor Ale, 15/16 July, 2000







Impressing the crowd in Windsor.



York Millennium Day, 9 September, 2000




One of our busier spots at York Millennium Day

Precision handkerchiefs - York Millennium Day


Dent, 4-7 May, 2001

Our traditional May weekend in Dent was something of a non-event due to the foot-and-mouth crisis – no ceilidh, no walking on the fells, no Windsor Morris and, as we found out as we assembled to accompany the May Queen’s procession around the village, no May Queen.
However, the show went on! Click here to view the Dent pictures by Neville Allen.


Great Western Tour, 26-28 May, 2001

Great Western always pull out all the stops and this weekend was no exception, concluding with the most amazing train send-off I've ever seen.


Hey! There's an intruder. Dance 'tart' Ray joins Great Western.

What embarrassment - borrowed sticks!

SCMM musicians swell the Great Western sound..

The 'Boring Sisters' with a back-drop of Exeter Cathedral.

Pony, pipes and Pete! Serenading the local livestock.

Sarah, Cerys, Ellen and Emily at the Hare & Hounds.

Great Western go over the top - again!

Staggling from Seaton to Beer, some of Glory still in dancing mode!

Tea and cakes on the lawn. Garden party morris!

Slogging on, Great Western in the van.

Hey! Where's the dancer gone? Bemused big band for Princess Royal jig.

There he is! Greg tries yogic flying as Derek hands over.

Rumworth Weekend, 9/10 June, 2001

Our affinity with Rumworth could result from our common root - Geoff Hughes - in our case via Chingford Morris and Bob Haizlewood! (Guess who's now got a digital camera!)


SCMM contemplate, with obvious enthusiasm, another day of dance!

The man himself! Geoff is ready to whistle up the troops after a short R &R stop.

What a noisy lot! Hammersmith men singing in Wigan.

Smiles all round - must be fun!

SCMM's band includes Acker Bilk, on the right.

Hats off to Rumworth! A floral display at The Rumworth, venue for an enjoyable evening.

Rumworth, mayor and 'Black 5' at Bury station.

Dave Popplewell tracks down his luggage - after 40 years!

Rumworth go through their paces on Ramsbottom station.

Edale Folk Train, 26 June 2001

Rapidly becoming a traditional event - well, we've done it three times! Another performance made enjoyable by the good reception. (And we danced on the train and frightened the conductor!) Click here to view the pictures.


Silver Jubilee Ale, Thornbridge, 14/15 July, 2001

The SCMM band lines up by the Thornbridge Coach House at Great Longstone Station.

Leapfrog. Trevor executes a pas-de-deux whilst preparingfor take off!

A fine body of (Stroud) women with an admiring body of men!

Admiring on-lookers, too!

Stroud Men get rattled!

A short cut! The teams straggle through the station en route to Great Longstone.

Pete and Dave stand by to stop the Stroud Women sliding down the slope at the White Lion.

Bristol ward of the evil eye. (Well, they believe cameras will sap their souls.)

A bit of a tilt! (At least one person watching).

Stroud Men bring out the sun.

Come on SCMM, straighten those lines!

That's better! Synchronised knee bending.

Is that a Sheffield man with a cup of coffee at the pub doorway?

A sticky situation! The slope at The Crispin is even worse.

Stroud Women tackle the slope at The Crispin.

The rural life! Wandering off into the fields.

Not SCMM again! Still, the Monsal Head scenery is worth looking at.

What a line-up! Stroud Women at Monsal Head!

Close shave! Geoff Boycott allows the ball through his guard.

Stroud's preparations, the 'silver' theme taken very seriously!

The Kir Royale team preparing the apperitifs.

Ready for the off, tables laden with hors d'oevres.

The catering team get into their stride.

The green team's 'silver machine' takes shape under Alec's approving eye.

The candles are lit on Fran's magnificent cake. Are those bluebells I see?

What a glittering array! Stroud Women do their spot.

SCMM rodent extermination squad takes up its position - with matching tram!

Smithy and Alec (first two SCMM on the right) show their appreciation of a tram ride.

The panel of judges - including the ex Foreign Secretary - consider their verdict.

When Bristol hear the verdict, one of their men is overcome with . . . alcohol?







And now for something completely different. But Castelliers do it vertically!



More to come – keep watching this space!

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